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I'm building a backup server out of mostly spare parts. As a backup server, particularly one behind a 100Mbit ethernet port, performance is hardly of primary concern. Being made of spare parts means the CPU is slow, there's not much RAM, the drives aren't all matched, etc. This should contrast nicely with my original benchmarks of a modern board with matched SATA disks.

First, the test system setup:

Then some diagnostic numbers: checksumming speed

raid5: pIII_sse:5624MB/sec
raid6: int32x1 714MB/sec
raid6: int32x1 820MB/sec
raid6: int32x1 742MB/sec
raid6: int32x1 714MB/sec
raid6: mmxx11718MB/sec
raid6: mmxx12687MB/sec
raid6: sse1x11468MB/sec
raid6: sse1x12675MB/sec

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